East Palestinian train crash will not affect Oxford drinking water

The water is safe for residents of Butler County to drink following the train crash in East

Palestine resulting in a release of toxic chemicals, according to the Oxford Treatment


On Feb. 3, a train carrying toxic chemicals crashed creating a large inferno and

plume of black smoke towering over the city. The chemicals contained colorless and

hazardous gas vinyl chloride, which led to the death of animals in the area over the course of

two days after the crash. The Ohio EPA said the municipal drinking water in the city was

safe to drink as of Feb. 15.

East Palestine is located in Eastern Ohio near the Pennsylvanis border. The city is

nearly 300 miles from Oxford.

The City of Oxford receives its drinking water supply from the wells north and east of the

city from the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer. An estimated 6,000 miles of rivers in

Western and Southwest Ohio and groundwater contribute to the aquifer.