Health department cites three Oxford restaurants with critical violations

Three Oxford-area restaurants were cited for critical violations by the Butler County Health Department this week.

Kofenya Coffee on High Street received six critical violations, including the presence of pink slime inside the ice machine, food stored on the ground, poisonous substances such as disinfectant and cleaning products stored next to food, and the presence of live houseflies in the kitchen. Kofenya was also cited for seven non-critical violations, including the buildup of dust in food prep areas and the use of residential food preparation equipment. Kofenya’s equipment was not approved by a testing agency recognized by the Ohio Department of Health. 

Rapid Fired Pizza on High Street was marked for six critical violations. This included the presence of grime on food contact surfaces and utensils, employees not washing their hands, and improper employee knowledge of health procedures and information. Eight non-critical violations were handed to Rapid Fired for an unclean facility, having food in contact with contaminated surfaces, and having no management employee on staff trained in food safety procedures. 

Papa John’s on Locust Street was marked for having expired foods in its prep line, such as jalapeños, salami, and olives, and an inaccessible handwashing sink. It received five non-critical violations for an unclean facility, improperly maintained plumbing and a handwashing sink without running water.