Commission to examine recycling in Oxford apartments


Oxford’s Environmental Commission is teaming up with students from Miami University’s Institute for the Environment and Sustainability to investigate recycling in Oxford multifamily residential complexes. 

The professional service project by students in Miami’s program will investigate options for increasing recycling volume for complexes that do have a recycling program now and for establishing programs at complexes that do not now recycle, according to a report from the commission.

The environmental commission discussed the matter during its Sept. 7 meeting at the Oxford Municipal Building. The project description was unanimously approved by the commission.

One group of Miami students will look into the current recycling availability at multi-family housing units around Oxford, including interviews with property owners to determine how their programs operate.

A second group will investigate other communities across the nation to determine existing and past efforts for multi-family unit recycling. Determinations will be made for what was successful in those programs, what is needed to have a recycling program succeed and finding model programs in communities similar to Oxford that have had success.